Workplace Communication Coaching

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In which situation(s) do you want to improve your communication skills?

  • Building rapport with co-workers, customers, and management.
  • Giving a presentation to clients on a complicated project.
  • Presenting ideas to skeptical team members.
  • Giving detailed instructions to coworkers.
  • Conducting less than favorable performance reviews.
  • Getting your point across to colleagues during meetings.
  • Communicating in teams.
  • Resolving conflicts.

We can help you. Working one-on-one with our experienced coaches, you will explore your communication strengths and potential trouble spots. You will also learn techniques for pinpointing the communication styles and preferences of those with whom you work and do business.

Your Coaching Experience:
Step 1 - Define: What does successful communication means to you? We recognize that success is
unique for every individual we coach. We want to be sure to understand your desired expectations.
Step 2 - Examine: Your coaching experience allows you to "get-back-to-basics". Although
technology gives us more ways to communicate, it also gives us more ways to be misunderstood.
During your coaching session you will explore the basics of interpersonal communication:
motivation, message, sender, receiver, channel, barriers, and feedback. We help you identify how
to be most effective in each point in the model.
Step 3 - Identify: What's Your Communication Style? You will receive an accurate and reliable
communication assessment tool. The tool is designed to uncover the strengths and trouble spots of
your communication style. You will work with your coach to maximize the insight you gain from
understanding your communication style.
Step 4 - Understand: Identifying communication styles opens the door to understanding how to
work more effectively with others. Your coach will work with you to identify the style of those with
whom you work, play and live.

As a result of your coaching experience, you will gain new insight into your every day communications
with others:

  • build a better rapport with co-workers,
  • resolve conflicts more effectively, and
  • work more collaboratively.

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