Past Participants

What Past Participants Have to Say

Affirming! It was an encouragement to work with my peers and get to know them better as well. Built trust and understanding to know who I can reach out to if there's ever a concern

I will move differently in both personal and professional spaces.  Less apologetic, less guilt and inadequacy, less impostor syndrome... I will more fully own my space, in lots of different kinds of spaces. 

It boosted my confidence quite a lot.

Re-discover my professional strengths to advance my career.

I have been able to gain knowledge, self-worth, confidence and so much more. It has reframed the ways that I am going to present myself during job interviews moving forward and ultimately has overall made me a better professional.


Alvina Peat and Diane Cornman-Levy, Executive Director of Women's Way, discuss the impact of The EmHERging Leader program.

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