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My mission for TCBWomen™ is to connect female solopreneurs with the people, programs and resources that will empower and inspire them to create the business or service they desire to deliver to their customers.

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Are you ready to,

  • build your professional network, and feel connected to other solopreneurs,
  • develop accountability partnerships, to help you grow your business and brand,
  • receive insights and advice from experts on business challenges,
  • share business referrals,
  • boost your confidence, and
  • celebrate success stories!

TCBWomen™ has got your back!

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Many of the programs you come across are focused on entrepreneurs who want to quickly expand their business. Eventually, hiring a team underneath them. But, what if you’re not sure that is what you want? What if your goal is to remain a solopreneur? To have a lifestyle business. One that provides you with the flexibility and income that will allow you to have the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of having.

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Behind every successful solopreneur is a great network of fellow solopreneurs providing support, encouragement and services. As a member of TCBWomen™, you have exclusive access to a variety of women-owned and operated businesses all in one place.

Here's what our members have to say about being a member of TCBWomen™:

"When I have a new request from a client that I can’t fill, I always reach out first to Alvina Peat.  Not only does Alvina deliver powerful training herself, she is also the biggest connector in my network.  Alvina has established a “Tribe” of contacts and experts and always has a referral for me.  Recently, a client asked for a Zoom program on Sales Creativity.  Alvina gave me three experts in minutes.  At the end of the business day, my client had a connection with the perfect fit for his program.  Within that week, they had a signed contract with a date for delivery.  That is how powerful Alvina’s Tribe is- fast, skilled, ready to deliver." -Mazie Colen - MMC Executive Coaching and Consulting, LLC

“I attend TCB, because it helps me feel connected. As a solopreneur, it can be hard working on your own all the time. It is nice to have a home base that I can connect with on a monthly basis and in-between sessions. I love the support and encouragement that comes from the participants.” - Lynn Seth, MPH, MA Owner, LeadHer Solutions